20th June 2016, New Zealand House


This edition of business in the clouds has been designed specifically for business owners and managers in the hair, beauty and well being sectors. You excel at what you do, great customer service is the key to your business success and you know that there are many tools that can help but technology is not your area of expertise.


Salon owners who would like to regain control of their business and be one step ahead of the competition


Salon owners looking to learn more about moving to a cloud solution to manage their entire business


Business owners who find that there are not enough hours in the day and are ready for a change


Your website is your shop window

Does your website reflect the quality of your service? It only takes 0.05 seconds to build an impression of a business when seeing a website. Even word of mouth referrals will check you out online before booking. Rocketspark helps many businesses in the hair, beauty and wellbeing sectors to get online. In their session the Rocketspark team will introduce you to the 5 essentials of an effective website and introduce best best practice for creating a great first impression.

Your client database is your biggest business asset

We work with thousands of salons and clinics and understand the importance of creating a process for building and storing your customer database. Learn about the benefits of online booking, allowing you to build your customer database by being able to receive bookings 24/7, whilst remaining in complete control of your calendar. Filling your calendar with bookings is one of your main priorities, learn the importance of minimising no-shows and the benefit for your bottom line.

Understanding your business is your competitive advantage

Understanding your business is your competitive advantage and Xero is a great tool for getting under the bonnet of your business. Xero, in conjunction with specialist accountant for the sector, Paul Pritchard, will equip you with the knowhow to understand how your business is performing. Paul is a former hairdresser and has now built an award winning accountancy business. Paul will provide expert guidance on how to become more efficient and profitable.


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